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Savage Boxing

photo of array of Savage boxing gloves

In our hour-long full body workout boxing class, you will learn the fundamentals of boxing, including proper punching, defense and footwork techniques, from an experienced boxer in a non-contact environment. You will enhance your coordination and stamina while receiving an incredible workout and learning an invaluable form of self-defense.

Regardless of your prior boxing background or fitness level, our experienced instructors will create a specialized curriculum that caters to all people in the class and ensures that you get a complete workout in an energetic and fun atmosphere.

Savage Circuit Training

photo of dumbell weights

Our circuit training class will give you a complete body workout by engaging all your major muscle groups in one hour-long session. Through a series of weight, body weight and resistance exercises, you will work your arms, legs, core and more, sure to get your heart pumping and challenge your endurance. With an ever-changing program that will keep you physically fit and mentally focused, this will be the class for you no matter what your current fitness level.

Class Schedule

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Classes cost $20 for members and $30 for non-members. Classes for Savage Plus and Young Savage Plus members are unlimited and included with the membership contract.

*classes for Young Savage Plus members are Monday through Friday, between 3pm-4:30pm or 5pm-6pm, depending on age.

Savage 6-Class Package

We also offer a Savage 6-Class package for $99 a month. It includes 6 hour-long classes a month, of any kind, at any time.

*3-month contract required

photo of a circuit training class outside

photo of people doing sit ups