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Savage Boxing & Fitness brings health, self-defense and the joy of working out together into one unique experience. We incorporate cardio, boxing and weight training to give you a total body workout. We cater to a diverse range of people, from the most competitive to the average person just looking for a great workout. From losing or maintaining weight to training to become a pro boxer, Savage Boxing & Fitness has it all. And Savage Boxing & Fitness is not just for adults - children ages seven and up can also enjoy the amazing opportunities that are available while learning the fundamentals of exercise to set them on an athletic and healthy path for life.

At Savage Boxing & Fitness, you’ll always get a great workout in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Come release your savage side!

Savage Boxing & Fitness is managed by Tafari Lawton, a former amateur and pro boxer. During his amateur career, Tafari was the number seven heavyweight boxer in the United States and the number one heavyweight boxer in Florida, as well as the number one heavyweight boxer in the Southeast Region two years in a row. Tafari was also invited to the 2008 Olympic trials, where injuries hindered him from advancing and ultimately ended his pro career as well. But Tafari's passion for boxing has stayed with him and he is now a certified USA Boxing coach.

Savage Boxing & Fitness gives Tafari a new opportunity to share his love and vast knowledge of boxing by training people in the sport, whether to become the next top boxer or to obtain personal weight and health goals. In addition to boxing, Tafari also has a background in football, basketball, track & field and baseball.

But sports is not his only forté – Tafari has been a personal trainer since 2004 and has extensive knowledge in many areas of health and exercise including weightlifting, kickboxing, weight loss, and weight and muscle gain.

When you come to Savage Boxing & Fitness, you are learning and training with one of the best in the business!

photo of boxing coach Tafari inside Savage Boxing & Fitness